First post

So this is it. I want to learn english writing. I created this page to learn it. It is really strange to write in different language than my native one. In some time I would like to get as good as Tolkian was. But right now it looks impossible. But I will try!!

Right now, I’m listnening to some uplifting trance music and it really throws me back to my young age. I remember when I listened to trance music, it was really good times. DJ Tiesto and his album “Paradise of Athletes”! Must listen to it again.

Today is the day when old times comes back… The World of Warcraft classic is released this midnihgt. One hour to relase. I plan to play it little bit, but not intensively. Just want to play really slowly and enjoy every story. Will ready all NPC dialogues and wil not rush anything. Idont want to become the best. I want to enjoy the story and the atmosphere. Breath it. 

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