Fight between good and evil

So this time I also woke up at 7:00 AM and it was a little bit harder because the motivation is decreasing as expected. So instead of motivation, there must be discipline.

I was thinking if the blog is a good idea at this time/age and if the video is better for me, but in the end it doesn’t matter. Making videos is a little bit harder for me and there is also effect with the video views. It is also demotivating. But I will continue uploading some gaming videos and some tutorials for automation testing (not expecting many views).

I decided to write 500 words a day. In English, it is hard for me because I’m not a native speaker (as you noticed). There are many decisions written, so hope I will stay writing 500 words a day for this blog. Right now it doesn’t have some structure. It is like a personal journal.

I’m writing in the Most dangerous writing app and it is hard 😀 It will delete everything that is written here when I’m not typing anything. Currently, I think that 500 words are too much for me. Got 200 words and have nothing more to say.

I was thinking if Sam was the biggest hero from Lord of the Rings. He is a hero, BUT I don’t think he is the biggest. For sure he has big hearth but take everyone from books and you will realize that everyone (from good side) are heroes on their own. Nobody in Lord of the rings had easy decisions. And as I think about it the worst guy from good side was Denethor. He already decided to lose, for sure he had it hard because Boromir died, but at least he could try to fight till the end and not kill his last son Faramir.

There are many layers in the Lord of the Rings and in each layer is the fight between good and evil. The lowest level is Glum/Smeagol fight. It is inside a small creature but it has big effect on the whole world (Middle Earth). And the last layer (outer layer which is most visible) there is Aragorn and Gandalf. Those two people are fighting the big fight which is most visible and will be in all stories in the future of middle-earth. The Gandalf always realized that concept of layers. That even the lowes one is VERY important.

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