Best Writing App With Markdown [Autumn 2019]

I was wondering which writing app is the best. Found few favourites which are Bear, IA writer, Jotterpad and few others. Found out that only few of those fits my needs.

The problem is that I like those things in one.

  • ¬†Markdown formatting
  • Sync between MacOs, Windows and Android (those are the devices I have)
  • Simple and minimalistic
  • Cloud storage somehow
  • Some good way to upload into WordPress (I’m ok doing it manually)

At first I found nicely looking app named Bear. It is really nice BUT it is only for MacOs and iOS and without possibility to use custom cloud provider (drive or dropbox). I have MacBook windows and android mobile. So it is not really useful for me.

If there would be possibility to sync with something else then iCloud I would use it. Or if I have only Macbook and iPhone than I would choose it.

Good choice for people with only apple devices.

IA Writer
Another good choice. It has many similar features as Bear. It is multi-platform. Markdown is supported and it looks nice.

But the prices are quite high and it is not possible to buy All in one package.
Together it might cost 50$ (MacOs 30, Windows 20, android free)

Might be useful for people not afraid of high cost. And if you don’t need to buy windows license you are ok but in that case i recommend Bear.

Notable (free, open-source)

This looks as decent possibility, because it is multi-platform (don’t have android app unfortunately).

The app itself is really minimalistic and only thing that I missed was the word count. It has sync possibilities with any cloud drive.

Definitely recommend this if you don’t need phone app.

Jotterpad (free with possibility to buy additional features)
Good android application, looks really nice and it can be used with any cloud. It supports markdown and other format types. In my option it is good choice if you mainly using android.

You can use it together with Notable and use some cloud in between. BUT Notable adding some header info at the start of file and it may annoy you.

Looks like the best choice for the Teams. Works like (and also looks like) slack. The markdown is supported. It is for free and you can probably can buy more storage and things like that if you like it.

It is available on all platforms.

For me it is not minimalistic (many features distracts me). It is probably the best choice right now for people which wants all-in-one product for come company.

Definitely will keep eye on this one.

My final choice. It is really minimalistic and has support for all platforms. For me it feels best, but for someone it might fell plain.

It is completely free.

Another good thing about SimpleNote is that you can publish directly to WordPress and that is what I will do right now.

See ya!

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