10 minutes of thinking

So last time I tried to write 500 words and it was bad approach in my option. Today I will write for 10 minutes and will see what will come out.

On my youtube channel, I got first views and also one subscriber which is nice start. Didn’t expected anything. Today I must upload one video and probably I should make it shorter if possible. Also bad thing is that I have bad upload speed and it takes a long time to upload big videos so I will upload it somewhere else.

Anyway, this time lets talk about nostalgia. Why we love to hear some old songs. Or we can even hate to hear some old songs or games because some feelings from the old-time are returning. That are just small fragments but those are powerful. The nostalgia is a strange thing and it might come from unexpected sources.

Thinking about content on my youtube channel. Is it a good idea to mix gaming with some tutorials for automation? Maybe it doesn’t matter, but probably I don’t want to mix it, because subscribers are expecting gameplay. So will be uploading WoW and some other games which can be searched.

Ideas are:
* Bugdoom
* BFME Campaign
* Revolt

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